Nitro Cold Beer

5 gallon keg yields
80 x 8 ounce pours of
nitro cold brew

Nector of the Gods

Nitro cold brews are cold brewed coffee infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles. Unlike iced coffee, the long cold brewing process does not use hot water, which means the coffee is less acidic, less bitter and very smooth. Nitro cold brews are infused with nitrogen after brewing, which gives the coffee a thick, creamy mouthfeel, with a super-smooth finish. Nitro cold brew is often compared to foamy, thick draft beers with sweet flavors and a foamy head on top.

Fresh from our Roastery

Pantheon Coffee Roasters is proud to offer Ambrosia, an exclusive nitro cold brew that is freshly roasted and brewed in small batches over-night in our Roastery. Our roasting team has brewed up a delicious caffeinated delicacy with notes of deep chocolate, caramel and freshly whipped cream with a pleasant hint of mild spices. And now this glorious cold brew is available for delivery right to your door.

Nitro Cold Brew

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